A few weeks ago I wrote about the government-sanctioned cartel that has been formed to attack the pay and conditions of NHS workers in South-West England, and the FOI request I submitted to try to uncover evidence of collusion and co-ordination between the Department of Health and the ‘Consortium’ or its member Trusts.

I’ve received a response from the Dept of Health. Kind of. According to the DH FOI team, I’m supposed to believe that the entire communication since 16/7/2011 consists of 3 (heavily-redacted) emails on a single day, plus one phone-call on the same day, mentioned in one of the emails – if it’s true that this represents all its communication with a group representing almost 10% of the country’s NHS Trusts, then the DH is certainly not doing its job properly. However, even in this minimal response, there’s still evidence of positive collusion not only between the DH and the SW pay cartel, but also including NHS Employers, the entity heading national NHS pay negotiations.

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