The Socialist Equality Party is calling on all workers and youth to mobilise in opposition to cuts and privatisations that threaten the destruction of the National Health Service.

Departments such as A&E and even entire hospitals face the axe as the most essential of services is gutted, while parasitic private companies seize control of assets paid for by our taxes and cherry-pick profitable areas that will leave what remains of public provision in ruins.

In 19 NHS trust in the south-west, a pay cartel has been formed that, backed by the government,  is set on slashing pay and conditions and setting a new bench mark that will then be rolled out nationally.

The trade unions in the NHS have proved again and again, including through their abandoning of any fight against the evisceration of public sector pensions, that they will do nothing to oppose these attacks.

We urge the formation of action committees to organise a rank-and-file struggle, independent of the trade unions and encompassing all workers and their communities whose lives and health are now under threat. The aim must be the bringing down of the Conservative Liberal Democrat government and the formation of a worker’s government to implement socialist policies.


Greater Manchester
Thursday November 1, 7.30pm
Urmston Library
Unit 34, Golden Way
Urmston, Trafford
M41 0NA

South Yorkshire

Sunday November 4, 2pm

Walkley Community Centre, Fir Street

(off South Road)

Sheffield, S6 3TG